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          A Sustainable Future Starts with Us

          For over two centuries, we have been a global innovator of products and services that are socially responsible, carbon-free and safe. You can count on us to deliver cost-effective, environmentally superior products that reduce waste and increase efficiency for our customers.

          Eco-Friendly Solutions We help our customers improve the environment through cleaner air and purer drinking water, reduce sulfur in gasoline and achieve higher fuel mileage standards. Our products serve as a replacement for phosphates in consumer cleaning products and we make an ingredient in “green” tires that increases fuel efficiency while displacing materials harmful to the environment—all providing for a safer, cleaner world.
          Safety First Your safety is first through our products that make highways and airports safer for drivers, passengers and pilots. Here at PQ Corporation, we also value the health and well-being of our employees. Our self-appointed work teams use leading edge tools and methods, such as behavior-based safety, to strive for an injury-free day for all of us.
          Responsible Care® PQ Corporation is committed to the health, safety and security of our customers and end users through our strict adherence to the American Chemistry Council (ACC) Responsible Care® program requirements. As an ACC member, we constantly strive to improve environmental, health, safety and security (EHS&S) performance for all our processes, products and facilities across our operations.

          With inorganic and carbon-free products, we are dedicated to improving the sustainability of the planet and creating solutions that make lives better. 

          PQ Corporation prioritizes Sustainability, making it a core part of the beliefs and values that shape the way we conduct business across the globe. We make a concerted effort to reduce energy and raw materials consumption, and adhere to all applicable government requirements. We recycle more than 1.5 million tons of sulfuric acid for refineries each year and more than one billion pounds of glass each year.

          Our strong foundation is built on a company-wide culture of employee safety and ethical behavior that guides us in all we do. In short, we do the right thing for our customers, our employees and communities in which we operate.

          Community Outreach

          We also support our local communities across the globe by giving our time and resources to improve the lives of our neighbors. For example, since 1996 our Refining Services Houston, Texas plant has recognized outstanding achievement by awarding a merit-based, four-year scholarship to a deserving student from a neighborhood near our facility. In Baton Rouge, Louisiana our employees have helped to rebuild homes devastated by flooding in 2016. Our dedicated Performance Chemicals employees in Jacana and Rio Claro, Brazil have lent support to local mural projects and have volunteered to upgrade nursing home and school facilities. In Toronto, Canada the team provided funding to support a local Special Olympics swim team and prepared and delivered lunches for the homeless.

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