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          Doucil zeolites are engineered to produce the optimum particle structure for today's laundry formulations. In addition to the widely used zeolite 4A, PQ produces DOUCIL MAP a proprietary range of products based on the zeolite P structure. These deliver improved water-softening capacity and also have superior liquid carrying capacity and improved compatibility with modern bleach systems. Doucil zeolites are also used as anti-caking agent in powder detergents.

          Zeolites are widely used as catalysts in the refining of crude oil into finished petroleum products. The properties of zeolites uniquely suit them for tailoring to specific applications. Zeolites are also increasingly finding use in the production of petrochemicals, often replacing environmentally unfriendly catalysts. Unlike more hazardous acid catalysts that have been used in the past, zeolites are non-hazardous, regenerable, and non-corrosive. If you would like to learn more about zeolite catalysts, go to Zeolyst International.
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