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          Chemical Catalysis

          High performance silica catalysts & supports designed to give exceptional performance within the polyolefin market

          PQ develops supports and catalysts containing base, alkali and transition metals to provide the necessary performance enhancements needed, such as increased activity, stability & selectivity. 
          In addition to the elemental modification, PQ excels in its flexibility when tailoring physical & chemical properties;
          Physical properties
          •  Surface Areas ranging from 300 – 1000 m2/g
          •  Pore Volumes ranging from 1 – 3 ml/g
          •  Particle sizes ranging from 1µ to 5mm
          •  Granular, spheroidal, bead and extruded silica’s
          Chemical properties
          •  Composition
          •  Purity
          •  Acidity
          •  Metal distribution and dispersion
          •  Surface functionalization
          Custom Products

          Can't find what you're looking for? Our engineers can work with you to customize our products to fit your specific needs!

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