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          Performance Chemicals

          Our global manufacturing and logistics network features production on six continents worldwide and our high-value products help our customers achieve critical performance criteria. We deliver innovative and sustainable solutions in applications such as personal care, cleaning products, food and beverage products and surface coatings. From cleaning granules that make skin softer to products that reduce lead and other heavy metals in drinking water, our solutions are designed to increase safety and sustainability.

          Performance Chemicals

          PQ Corporation’s performance chemicals are crucial ingredients in a diverse set of industrial and consumer products. Our performance chemicals act as cleaning and whitening agents in toothpaste, create a “matted” finish on surface coatings and remove impurities from beer and edible oils.

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          Technical Service

          PQ Corporation takes pride in providing the highest quality technical service. Our Technical Service and Quality Assurance Group can help you address questions about our product lines, as well as the many applications in which they are used.

          Should you require technical assistance with one of our products, contact our Technical Group.

          To request a sample, please make a PQ Sample Request.