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Industrial and Process Chemicals

Our high performance products are used in diverse applications, from helping tires roll with less resistance to improving the quality of municipal water supplies.

Silicate Precursors for the Tire Industry

Our silicates are a critical ingredient for our customers' precipitated silicas and silanes, which are added to tires to replace carbon black. These “green tires” achieve up to an 8% savings in fuel consumption, helping automobiles to meet increasingly stringent fuel mileage and vehicle emissions standards. We have a global reach, with facilities in North America, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

Water Treatment Solutions

To help improve water quality and reduce lead in drinking water, we tailor a number of silicate product offerings for use in water treatment applications globally. Our Sulfuric Acid is used as an environmentally friendly buffer in managing pH for drinking water. We also offer advanced testing and technology resources, including loop testing.

Oil Processing

SORBSIL® silica hydrogel is a free-flowing synthetic powder that biodiesel and edible oil refiners trust globally to remove a number of unwanted contaminants from triglyceride oils and fats during processing. Our silica helps refiners reduce operational costs while improving the final quality of their products.

Chemical Synthesis Catalysts

Our supports and catalysts are widely used in the manufacture of process intermediates & fine chemicals, elastomers & polymers, alternative energy, water treatment and environmental controls. Today’s highly competitive global marketplace requires companies to continuously innovate and rapidly develop improved products or processes and PQ works closely with customers to develop and manufacture customized supports and catalysts to meet these challenges.