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Fuels and Emissions Controls

We partner with our customers to help them meet increasingly stringent standards for global emission control, vehicle fuel economy and cleaner-burning fuels for heavy- and light-duty vehicles

Refinery Catalysts

With seven strategically placed production facilities in the United States and Europe, we are a global leader in refinery catalysts. We offer a high technology array of catalyst solutions for hydrocracking, the chemical process of cracking apart crude oil molecules to create products like gasoline, and lube dewaxing, the process of altering waxes in diesel fuels and lubes in order to improve cold flow properties.

Emissions Control Catalysts

We offer a broad portfolio of catalysts to reduce NOx emissions from trucks and passenger cars. Our products help customers meet today’s stringent emissions control requirements for light- and heavy-duty diesel vehicles, both on and off road. We also constantly innovate to anticipate tomorrow’s needs as the industry evolves.

Regeneration Services

We are a leading supplier of Sulfuric Acid regeneration in North America, servicing over 5.5 million barrels per day of refining capacity. We trace our roots to Stauffer Chemical, which pioneered the regeneration process in 1943 to support the production of high octane aviation gasoline for the Allied military forces.

Biofuel Production

SORBSIL® silica hydrogel is a free flowing synthetic powder that biodiesel and edible oil refiners trust globally to remove unwanted contaminants from triglyceride oils and fats during processing. Our silica hydrogel helps refiners reduce operational costs while improving the final quality of their end product.

Our Fischer-Tropsch catalysts are used in GTL processes for the production of aviation and road transportation fuels. GTL technology can provide clean burning, low carbon fuels from woody biomass, post-recycled waste and remote gas deposits. GTL fuels are free from undesirable components such as metals and sulphur, providing a  non-toxic & more environmentally friendly fuel.