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          Environmental Catalysts and Services

          Our Environmental Catalysts and Services Group includes silica catalysts, zeolite catalysts and refining services that limit air pollution from diesel vehicles, reduce the sulfur content in gasoline and aid in the efficient production of plastics

          Silica Catalysts

          In our silica catalysts product group, we offer both the finished catalyst and catalyst supports that are critical in the production of plastics used in packaging films, bottles and containers and other molded applications. We also produce a catalyst that can be used in the manufacture of MMA, a scratch-resistant plastic used to replace glass and as a durable surface coating. These catalysts also reduce the energy needed for the manufacture of plastics with less waste.

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          Zeolite Catalysts

          Our zeolite catalysts product group is a leading global supplier of emissions control catalysts and specialty catalysts, precursors and formulations to refineries and downstream petrochemical and chemical companies. We produce catalysts that reduce air pollution from diesel vehicle emissions and cut the amount of sulfur in gasoline. For nearly three decades, we’ve operated this group through our Zeolyst partnership.

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          Refining Services

          PQ Corporation’s refining services are responsible for recycling 1.5 million tons of spent sulfuric acid for refineries each year. Sulfuric acid is the primary catalyst used in the production of alkylates for gasoline production at refineries. Alkylates are a critical material used to increase octane in gasoline at low vapor pressure and currently are used in most gasoline in the United States.

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