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          About EcoServices

          Eco Services’ long and distinguished history in Sulfuric Acid has helped Eco Services achieve its position as the #1 provider of Regen Services and #1 Merchant Virgin Sulfuric Acid supplier in North America. In addition to these market leading positions, Eco Services also produces Liquid Aluminum Sulfate, incinerates pumpable industrial waste (Treatment Services), and offers cutting-edge tank and vessel cleaning services (Industrial Field Services).

          Eco Services’ experience in Sulfuric Acid dates back to the founding of the Stauffer Chemical Company in 1885 in San Francisco, California. Sulfuric Acid was a key product for the Stauffer Chemical Company for use in mining and industrial applications. In 1943, Stauffer Chemical was a pioneer in Sulfuric Acid regeneration technology to support critical aviation gasoline production for the WWII effort.

          On March 1, 2021, Eco Services completed the acquisition of Chem32.  This partnership will enable us to offer our valued customers and the rapidly growing renewable fuels industry a further diversified service offering. We welcome Chem32 into the Eco Services family and are excited about a bright future together.

          Product Overview

          ECO Services is the #1 provider of Sulfuric Acid Regeneration services and the #1 supplier of Merchant Virgin Sulfuric Acid in the USA. ECO Services also produces liquid Aluminum Sulfate, processes Hazardous and Non-Hazardous waste with our Treatment Services business, and provides state of the art Sulfuric Acid tank cleaning technology through Industrial Field Services.

          Sulfuric Acid is a key catalyst for oil refiners in the production of Alkylate, a critical high-value gasoline blending component. Once utilized in the Alkylation process, Sulfuric Acid becomes spent and needs to be regenerated back into a high-strength Sulfuric Acid. The supply of Sulfuric Acid Regeneration services is critical to the smooth operation of a refinery. With 7 production units, ECO Services has production capacity that is unrivaled in the industry and enables us to provide our customers with the Absolute Reliability of supply. Sulfuric Acid Regeneration is primarily utilized by oil refineries. ECO Services is also capable of regenerating a wide range of chemical spent acids.

          ECO Services produces Virgin Sulfuric Acid by burning molten sulfur, this enables us to reliably produce the highest quality products demanded by the diverse industries that we serve. ECO Services produces Virgin Acid at 8 different Sulfuric Acid units, giving us the most robust production scale for Virgin Acid in the industry.

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