A Proud 200-Year History of Innovation

Integrity & Fairness • Diligence & Service • Learning & Imagination

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About PQ Corporation


PQ Corporation is a leading global provider of specialty catalysts, services, and chemicals that serve the following applications: fuels and emissions controls, consumer products, construction, packaging and engineering plastics, industrial and process chemicals and natural resources.


Reliability • Heritage • Values


We’re reliable. A company with worldwide reach complemented by strong local presence, we can help you solve complex challenges. All with the same eye toward safety and leaving the planet cleaner and more sustainable for generations to follow. 

Our roots are deep, tracing back two centuries to Crosfield and INEOS Silicas. You can trust that our experience and rich heritage differentiate us.

Finally, the values of PQ Corporation’s founders—integrity and fairness, diligence and service, learning and imagination—are still reflected in our company  culture. We believe this culture and the strong spirit of teamwork it fosters are of immense benefit to our customers, our employees, the communities where we operate and our suppliers alike.

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